Baccarat Rules

Baccarat is an exciting casino game! It is also very simple to learn and it is much more fun to play. The best place to play it at is any online casino game website that you love! If you need specific websites where you can play free baccarat games, then you may want to visit or Satoshibet. But first, learn and master the simple baccarat rules!

Baccarat Rules: How to Play

Rule #1: There are two main players only – the banker and the player. There can be three outcomes in this game: the Banker wins, the Player wins and there can be a tie. Participants in the house can bet on the players’ hand.

Rule #2: The Bitcoin casino operator or any of the two players deal two cards (one for each player), placing the cards face up, in each players’ box. The first deal should be for the player, and the second for the banker. Then the operator or player places the second card in the players’ box. This completes the first round, which comprises of two cards.

Rule #3: Each set of cards has a total score for each player. All face cards and tens have zero points. All other cards have points that are equivalent to their face value. This means that an ace is worth one point. If the total of the deal is more than ten, then the value of the next hand is the value of the second digit. For example, if you have a nine and then you get a six, the total is fifteen. The points in the next hand will be five, because each hand has a total limit of 10 points.

Rule #4: Since the goal is to get 9 points to win, if either player gets either eight or nine points in the first two deals, then it is a natural win, game over! For people who made bets, it’s time to cash out.

Rule #5: There will be no additional cards for Players with the sum of eight or nine points when the hand is complete.

Rule #6: The third card rule for the Banker is simple. If the Player opposes or stands pat, then the Banker draws a hand of 0-5 points, and stays pat by 6-7 points in that hand. The third card the Player will draw, determines the outcome of all further hands.

Rule #7: The winner is the person with the deal closes to nine points. When both players have the same points, it will result in a tie. No one wins or loses.

Know these baccarat rules by heart to guarantee that you will have a great time wagering bitcoins on this classic game, even more so when you win lots of rewards from as many rounds as possible!